Wealth Mastery

12-Month 50 Programme

You have a maximum of 12 months to become a wealth master with purpose (PWM). Our 50 Programme will give you ongoing powerful financial education.

What You Will Get

Members have access to:

  • Weekly Wealth Tips
    • To equip you to become a wealth master with purpose.
  • Private Financial Training (Exclusive Monthly Webinar - Members Only)
  • Private Business Training (Exclusive Quarterly Webinar - Members Only)
  • Interactive Consulting
  • eAccountability

Wealth Etiquette will put you on a path to:

  • become debt free
  • earn in excess of 6-figures
  • achieve financial abundance
  • become a millionaire 10x faster
  • make a positive change and help others
  • and more...

Next Steps

Upon registering, you will:

  1. Receive weekly wealth tips
  2. Be able to log into the platform
  3. Be able to click onto the eTraining page when logged in.

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