Wealth Coaching

In addition to receiving all of the services provided to private members on the 'Wealth Mastery+ Programme' you will also get...


Additional Support for Faster Results:

  • A Trained Wealth Coach
    • Personal Finance Support
    • Business Support
    • Purpose Support
  • A Wealth Tracker (Supports the Accountability Process for Financial Growth)
    • Online excel document edited, shared and viewed between you and your coach.
  • Weekly Power Calls (more regular 1:1 support)
  • Monthly Meeting (meet 1:1 with your coach)
  • Accountability Partner (so that you achieve your goals quicker)


Wealth Mastery Programme (Included)

  • The Wealth Platform (Unrestricted Access to the Full Suite of Quality Education and Resources)
  • eConsulting (in addition to coaching)
  • Weekly Advanced Wealth Tips
  • eAccountability 

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