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"Homelessness Can Be Avoided With a Few Simple Steps" - CEO Money Mike

When we understand the causes of homelessness, we can put in place measures to prevent homelessness! The best prevention lies in education. If knowledge is power, let's empower each individual to know of and implement 'housing pillars' for stability and in turn reduce vulnerability.

Prevention trumps Cure!

5 Housing Pillars

What five things do you need to do to reduce your risk of homelessness to less than 1%?


Schools | Families | Adults

Our online course will equip you with the knowledge to put in place powerful measures so that you can never be a victim to homelessness. 

Take the course and send this course to others so that they too can be well equipped to never become homeless.

"This course is a lot more than homelessness".


Course outline:

  • Introduction
  • Homelessness Assessment
  • 5 Housing Pillars
  • Pillar 1
  • Pillar 2
  • Pillar 3
  • Pillar 4
  • Pillar 5
  • Next Steps

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We fight homelessness through educating people via speaking opportunities, the HBC course and social media. 


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