Purpose Wealth Master


Congratulations on completing the financial programme. 

You have:

.:  Your financial affairs in order  :.

.:  A strong financial position  :.

.:  Great financial potential  :.

.:  A powerful legacy  :.

Purpose combined with strong finances make you an extremely important person in today's world. 



You Made It


PWM Score: 20/20


PWM Points: 200/200


PWM Completion: 100%


You Are Great!

As a PWM, you have not only transformed your life, but as you transform the lives of others, you transform the world. How does it feel to know that the world becomes a better place each day because of what you have sown, are sowing and will sow?

You Will Be Sent Your Certificate

You Now:

  1. Know, live and share your purpose
  2. Expand the Kingdom
  3. Help the needy
  4. Have a future financial statement and financial promises
  5. Have an emergency fund (3-2-6)
  6. Have a positive and increasing net income (income > expenses)
  7. Have no bad debt
  8. Abide by the 8.5 account income allocation system
  9. Have a 6-figure or 2000-age personal income
  10. Have 8+ sources of income
  11. Have a positive and increasing net worth
  12. Have an excellent credit score
  13. Have protected your wealth
  14. Have a solid financial abundance plan
  15. Are financially abundant
  16. Have an estate plan
  17. Have personal, business and financial development
  18. Have and abide by your financial plan
  19. Have PWM accountability
  20. Have Daily or Weekly Financial Management

You have done very well to get this far. 

Time to...

Graduate from

the programme

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A call will be scheduled with a consultant who will guide you through the programme completion process.

Welcome to PWM Alumni!

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