5 Powerful Tips to Master for Academic Success

Turn these 5 simple tips into strategies and you will be positioned to not only get the highest grade, but 100% in your exams.

Academic Excellence

Tips that when applied can push you at least 3 grades higher.


Little actions that can help you to get more marks in the exam.


Organised actions to help you move up a grade.


A well thought-out set of strategies that will significantly increase the likelihood of you getting an A* in all subjects.

Learn from someone who did it...

What kept Michael Lartey-Maurer at the top of his class, got him the highest grades, 100% in exams, into a top university and the top jobs?

Tip 1 - Healthy Competition

Compete with your peers in a 'SUPPORTIVE MANNER' for significant progress...

Tip 2 -  Understand the system 

Know the mark scheme as well as the examiner.

Tip 3 - Invest time into study

Rule of Thumb:

1 hour in study = 1 mark in the exam

Tip 4 - Study subject content another level deeper

Deepen your knowledge to deepen your pockets! This is the key to making advanced work basic.

Tip 5 - Aim for 100%

You are capable of answering a question and getting full marks. Thrive with a 100% mentality. 

BONUS TIP - Have faith

Matthew 19:26 With God, all things are possible.

This can be you...


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