Wealth Coaching

Wealth 360 Programme (12-Months)

You have a maximum of 12 months to become a purposed wealth master (PWM). If you achieve this before 12 months, you graduate from the programme early.

This programme gives you access all of our online programmes, courses, lessons, resources, coaches and more.

Wealth Etiquette will put you on a path to:

  • become debt free
  • earn in excess of 6-figures
  • achieve financial abundance
  • become a millionaire 10x faster
  • make a positive change and help others
  • and more...


What You Will Get

Access all of our online programmes, courses, lessons, resources and more.

All premium members have full access to:

  • A Trained Wealth Coach (Monthly Power Call - Guidance and Accountability)
    • Personal Finance Support
    • Business Support
    • Purpose Support
  • A Wealth Tracker (Supports the Accountability Process for Financial Growth)
    • Online excel document edited, shared and viewed between you and your coach.
  • The Wealth Platform (Unrestricted Access to the Full Suite of Quality Education and Resources)
    • Purpose
    • Money Management 
    • Business
  • Private Financial Training (Exclusive Quarterly Webinar - Members Only)
  • Private Business Training (Exclusive Quarterly Webinar - Members Only)
  • Interactive Consulting (online support in addition to coaching)
  • Weekly Wealth Tips
    • To reiterate key financial principles crucial to becoming a wealth master.
  • eAccountability 
    • Only graduate from the platform when you have a PWM score of 20/20

The platform contains training on:

  • Purpose
  • Money Management
  • Making More Money
  • Business Training
  • Recession Planning
  • And more... 


Next Steps

Upon registering, you will:

  1. Receive weekly wealth tips
  2. Be able to log into the platform
  3. Be able to click onto the eTraining page when logged in.
  4. Be phone called by a member of the team within 48 hours for your welcome call, wealth tracker and to book your first wealth coaching call.

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