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"An investment in knowledge, pays the best interest" ~ Benjamin Franklin


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Before Reading Any Further...


Ask yourself 2 key questions

  1. Would I turn down an opportunity to save at least £250,000?
  2. Would I turn down an opportunity to make an extra £250,000?

If you answered 'No' to any of the questions, you are in the right place.

Our Next Event

Become a Money Expert and Wealth Master


Interested in taking your finances to the next level? Great! You will be introduced to the concepts, tools and opportunities to just do that.

What should I bring?

Pen and pad. Get ready to make great notes that will put you on the right path to financial success!

Event topics include:

  • Financial Goals and Plans
  • Financial principles and concepts
  • Financial Habits
  • Measuring, Increasing and Protecting Wealth
  • Why you should not do income statements
  • What the banks do not want you to know
  • Financial resources
  • Further Free Financial Education
  • and more...


All attendees will receive access to our bonus gift worth over £199.

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Your Problem

You have not been formally financially educated and you do not have a plan to get financially educated.



...which will cost you over £250,000 in your lifetime.

98% of people are financially uneducated. Completely and utterly financially ignorant! 95% of people do not use any financial resource to manage and plan their finances. You are losing money faster than you make it.

...which will cost you over another £250,000 in your lifetime.

Your wage/salary represents your worth. Many people are worth a lot more than this. Your pay check is in direct proportion to the value you give and you have more value to give. Many people have business ideas, knowledge and skills to start and build a successful business. Countless run businesses where their income is only a fraction of what it should be. You have to potential to make more money - you either don't know this or how to.

Our Solution

To give you an insight and learn from leading financial educators and other experts.



... saving you over £250,000 in your lifetime.

We will add hundreds of thousands of pounds to your finances through sharing powerful financial knowledge and resources with you. The superior financial knowledge we share with you will lead to you having a very strong financial position and financial over-contentment.

... making you over £250,000 in your lifetime.

Want a pay rise? No problem! Follow a few simple, but powerful steps and you can earn an extra £5,000-£20,000 every year. 

Have a business idea? Great! We can even help you generate ideas. Succeeding in business has very little to do with the idea, but more to do with the execution. We will help you not only plan your execution, but support you throughout the process. 

Who are we?


Wealth Etiquette has a team of financial educators and business consultants who have the expertise and drive to change your financial life. The powerful financial knowledge and resources are exclusive to Wealth Etiquette and made available to event attendees. We teach what schools have failed to teach you and what a financial adviser will charge hundreds of pounds to do.

Do not MISS OUT any longer!