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"Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, Mobility Freedom; only achievable through business."

MJB Graham (in partnership with Wealth Etiquette) specialises in doubling business sales in 6 months as well as getting businesses to the 6 figure mark. Working closely with ambitious entrepreneurs, we ensure that you are successful and achieve your business goals in a timely manner. We have the resources, expertise and support to make this happen.

We will help you access these...

C     E     O


You need a business idea!

We can help you generate business ideas if you do not have one.


You need to take action!

Nothing happens without action. We will help you get going and meet all the legal requirements in setting up a business.

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If you want to be the best...

Be your best and better than the rest with our resources, support and contacts.

If you want to have an ultra-successful business, work with CEO which will make business work for you.  



We run monthly events for the business community. We specialise in helping businesses to double their sales in 6 months.

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Thursday 23rd February

Grange Hotel
Kensington, London

We have an afternoon and an evening event. Take your pick...